Why I love the Zuiderzeemuseum

The Zuiderzeemuseum, Enkhuizen, Netherlands  is one of my favourite museums. Here are six reasons why

  1. You arrive by boat. A special visitor boat connects from Enkhuizen harbour and train station
  2. For an open–air museum its not really about old buildings. It brings together Dutch art, design and the cultural legacy at the meeting place of land and water.
  3. Each of the reconstructed historic buildings is interpreted by telling the stories of the people who lived in them rather than the architecture
  4. Artists have installed surprising works in the historic buildings interiors
  5. The display of sleds looking towards the silent movie of skating on the ice in 1900s is one of the most evocative installations I’ve seen.
  6. Its cafe has one of the best designed interiors in any museum

Land of water

Dutch tile

OfficeCafe table top

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