Searching for a Happiness Associate

Over the last few years I’ve been exploring how museums can both stimulate social relationships and ultimately make people happier.  MEAL’s Social Enterprise has both improved people’s skills and capabilities but also created new social networks for which the museum is the anchor. We’ve also looked at how we might interpret our collections in the context of well-being, through our When Were We Happy project and Happy Days.

In the next stage of this work we’ll be encouraging others to join our campaign. Early next year we’ll be publishing a short paper The Happy Museum (written with the New Economics Foundation and other museum thinkers) which aims to provoke museums to consider how they might become high-well being organisations. We’ll also be offering small commissions to people and organisations who want to try out some of the ideas.

To help us, we’re looking for a Happiness Associate to work with me to develop the project. The contract is worth £15,000 (plus VAT). If you are interested in the programme you can contact me

You can download the Consultants Brief here Happiness Associate consultants brief Nov 2010

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One Response to Searching for a Happiness Associate

  1. What an extraordinary project, really intriguing. Thanks for posting.

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