I’m Tony Butler

Hello I’m Tony Butler. During 2005-2013 I was  Director of the the Museum of East Anglian Life and posted blogs about activities at the museum and stuff about the countryside .

In 2014 I took up a new role of Executive Director of Derby Museums Trust. I’ll now be writing about museums and the urban! I’m still involved with the Happy Museum project and retain my interests in well being and the environment.

I divide my time in semi rural Belper (weekdays) and rural Suffolk (weekends). We still have an old house, which a neighbour charitably calls ‘shabby chic’.


4 Responses to I’m Tony Butler

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  3. Justine says:

    Hi Tony,

    I’m currently researching the different methods used by museums to measure impact. I’m really interested in how MEAL has used the SROI method. I guess I’m interested both as a museum practitioner and to what extent this type of research demonstrates the impact of museums in both monetary and social terms, and because its something I’m looking at for my PhD. Would you have time for a brief phone chat next week about your thoughts on the use of impact measurement tools, and specifically if the SROI for MEAL has made a difference to your ability to demonstrate what the museum can do?

    Many thanks !

    Justine Reilly
    University of Central Lancashire

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