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Total Football, Total Museums

I need little encouragement to try and draw parallels between football and museums. The sad death of Johan Cruyff last week, caused me to reflect on the wonderful Dutch team of the 1970s. With Cruyff as captain and under the … Continue reading

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Avoiding the Strange Death of England’s civic museums

George Dangerfield’s the Strange Death of Liberal England is now somewhat of a trope. The gist of the title is frequently applied to institutions which have declined, unexpectedly at the time, inevitably in hindsight. I hope the same can’t be … Continue reading

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Who pays for free admission to museums in the UK?

I spent much of the last fortnight spending a small fortune traipsing round half empty museums in Tuscany. From afar I read the increasingly contested debates around the philosophy and affordability of the policy free admission to some museums in … Continue reading

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Museums and the Civic Contract part 2 – the Derby way

In my last blog I suggested that museums reassert their civic contract with their place and their communities. This would augment the value of the institution of the museum as a place of learning, mediation and delight. I suggested that … Continue reading

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The “Fan-owned” Museum

For my sins I am a Portsmouth Football Club supporter. Last month following the club’s relegation to the fourth tier in English football and having been in Administration for three years, the club was bought by its fans. Portsmouth (Pompey) … Continue reading

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A few reflections on social and tech innovation #museumnext 2013

I expect most people who got to conferences find some excuse to bunk off, check out the town, or go shopping. But I’ve just returned from Museum Next in Amsterdam. It’s the largest gathering of museum folk interested in technology … Continue reading

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Some initial thoughts from #HappyMuseum Symposium Snape 2012

There is much to reflect upon following the Happy Museum symposium at Snape in Suffolk. In the coming weeks the Happy Museum project team and commissions will be reporting in greater depth. They’ll interrogate the Happy Museum Manifesto and asking … Continue reading

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