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The Post-Capitalist Museum and Derby Silk Mill

I have only a rudimentary grasp of economics but I am thoroughly enjoying reading Paul Mason’s Postcapitalism His provocation is that capitalism is broken. Cycles of boom and bust punctuated by state bail outs are unsustainable. Soon the state will … Continue reading

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Some initial thoughts from #HappyMuseum Symposium Snape 2012

There is much to reflect upon following the Happy Museum symposium at Snape in Suffolk. In the coming weeks the Happy Museum project team and commissions will be reporting in greater depth. They’ll interrogate the Happy Museum Manifesto and asking … Continue reading

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Can museums inspire innovators into the transition to low carbon living?

Last week saw a concerted effort to promote engineering in the UK. The Queen Elizabeth Prize was launched as an award for outstanding innovation in engineering. The government wishes to ‘re-balance’ the economy, in favour of manufacturing so that it … Continue reading

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My thoughts and paper – Thinking Ahead and Staying Afloat #gem2011 and Collaborating to Compete #mgsconf

During the last few weeks, I’ve been privileged to speak at two really fascinating conferences, one the Group for Education in Museums was in Norfolk, the other hosted by Museums and Galleries Scotland in Edinburgh. Both looked to challenge museums to think hard … Continue reading

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Can a museum ‘Re-imagine’ our relationship to things

In previous blogs I suggested ways in which museums could be part of a re-crafting of a world where climate change and peak oil has limited our capacity for economic growth. A low carbon future is imagined where prosperity relies … Continue reading

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Is it time for Transition Museums?

The development of the Transition movement should be very instructive to UK museums. Faced with climate change, Peak Oil and gas and a dependency on state aid for funding either at local or national level, museums might look to Transition … Continue reading

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